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LPS is willing to offer You the following additional services at intermediation of property:

Property management service – monitoring Your object during a fixed period of time (for a charge) and providing with the following services within that period. 

• Transfer of the property and related assets
• Organising cleaning-up of the object (for additional charge)
• Coordination of cash flows – rent, utility costs and other charges
• Withholding and storing the deposit (if requested)
• Holding negotiations between the parties and resolving issues
• Presentation of the dwelling rules applied to the rented object to the tenant
• Coordination of management and repair works of the property
• Ensuring stable cash flow and resolving problems related to the object
• Guaranteed help within 24h

Evaluation service – we provide an evaluation service that completely meets Your needs:

• The assessment report is ready within 3 working days at the latest
• It is accepted by all Estonian legal financial institutions
• The value of the property indicated in the report corresponds to the object's market price which will help You to acquire necessary funds from financial institutions



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